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IBM Show Knowledge 2023
Monday 1 September 2023

    IBM Show Knowledge Academic Year 2023 !! IBM Show Knowledge 2023 !! On 6th September 2023 From  9am. to 3 pm. There are many activi... >> Read more

Open House 2023
Tuesday 2 August 2023

  Activities Open House Rajamangala Lanna 2023 !! Open House 2023 on August 17 !! There are many activities to participate in and special privileges for attendees. at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, Chiang Mai >> Read more

Signing Ceremony of Academic Cooperation for Education Management between International Business Management Program and ONXY Hospitality (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Wednesday 3 July 2023

Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Academic Cooperation for Educational Management between the International Business Management Program Faculty of Business Administration and Liberal Arts and ONYX Hospitality (Thailand) Co., Ltd. By being honored by Associate Professor Dr. Kanthana Distkaew, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Liberal Arts presiding over the ceremony along with Professor Anawin Suwanna, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Student Affairs and Professor Dr. Phairphan Than... >> Read more

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